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Silver Program

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* Pricing is based on a prepaid program for an average lawn size of 3000 sqft. If your lawn is larger or smaller prices will be adjusted accordingly*

 Our Silver Program feeds and weeds your lawn.

○ Spring Enhancd Calcitic Lime:

is 4 times more effective than regular dolomitic limestone applications. Unlike regular limestone applications that can take up to 4 years to breakdown and start working, our lime is designed to work quickly to neutralize soil pH and free up essential nutrients for optimal growing conditions.

○ Season Long Fertilization:
is achieved using 3 applications of our premium custom-blended fertilizers. The Reactive Layer Coating meters the nutrients out via temperature-controlled osmotic diffusion, and is not affected by moisture or microbial activity unlike other slow release fertilizers. This ensures nutrients are released gradually throughout the turf plant’s growth cycle, resulting in precise, predictable feeding that lasts for months with just one application. This controlled release effectively eliminates rapid growth surges and excessive clippings throughout the season.
 3 applications of Weed Control: 

are carefully applied using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principals, thereby minimizing the use of herbicides. Spot applications are used to effectively target each weed reducing the need to blanket spray the entire lawn area where weeds don't exist. 

○ Lawn Health Inspections And Recorded Lawn Monitoring During Every Visit